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The Rama and Ravana in Us!

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Dusshera, which is the abbreviated form of Dus-hara, is celebrated annually on the occasion of Ram’s victory over evil ten-headed rakshasa Ravana. While the celebration and joy get better and sweeter every year, the essence of the celebration of such a victory is rarely fathomed by most. Rama, a perfect king who also proved to be a perfect hero seems to be an-almost fictional character while Ravana, a demon with powers, seems less imaginative comparatively. The contrast lies in the fact that we, as a society, see more evil these days than perfection and thence is why perfection seems a myth. In fact, Rama &Ravana are represent nothing but the two contrasting features of every human being, good and bad. Both of them were kings, with good family and power. All that made a difference was the inner-self, which compelled Rama to be honest and Ravana to kidnap Sita. We, today, are all mixtures of Ravana and Rama. It is the way we behave and think that shows up one of these two faces.

On the occasion of Dusshera today, let’s pledge to ourselves to defeat the Ravana that lies within ourselves and move towards a better tomorrow. Wouldn’t that add more joy to the festival too!

Happy Dusshera!

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