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Sending Flowers on a Father’s Day!!

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That was lunch break and there I was sitting along with my colleagues who were slightly elder to me. Our conversations during the break range from Trump versus Hillary Clinton to the latest sari collection out in the nearby store. During one of those routine conversations, a colleague of mine spoke about father’s day celebration at her son’s school. Apparently, the children’s assignment was to make customized greeting cards, which were to be given to their fathers as a surprise on the FATHER’s day!!  Her son, a class 4 student has been very excited on the idea from day-one and just keeps struggling to hide it from his dad she says. Our conversation went on and on from there. I came back to my desk and soon got glued to my screen.


That evening while returning from my office FATHER’s day conversation struck me. It has been 4 years that I came out of my cozy comfortable home to pursue my job. I belong to a middle class family and my father struggled hard to give us the best of education and comfort. They say, “Some heroes don’t have capes, they are called Dad”. This is so true in my case. Having worked hard all day, my father would still come to us with a never fading smile and patiently listen to all our silly tales of the day and would then tell different stories till we fell asleep. As it took me back to loads of memories, I didn’t even realize when a tear rolled down my eye. It was always he giving us. We could never give him back anything. Though I am today used to parties and celebrations, my father is a complete stranger to any of these. He leads a simple life style with no expectations. Celebration for him comes when he is with his children. A sudden deep urge rose inside me to meet my dad, hug him and listen to the same stories all over again. And the timing was perfect… A sudden surprise on the Father’s day..  YAY!!

I quickly check when Father’s day is. It was 2 days from now and oh… shit! No… That auditor review meeting was scheduled on the same day. I could only curse my fate. My happiness faded in no time. Why do all these things have to happen at the same time? The only time in all these years when I could think of something for my father had to end like this.

Suddenly something clicked! Well I can’t go, but what if something else goes in my place to remind him of me. Flowers… Yes! My father loves flowers. I quickly ordered his favorite bouquet of flowers, clubbed them with my favorite chocolates (that my father used to give me on my birthday) and ordered a home delivery for father’s day with a personal message. From then I knew I was only waiting for one thing – that call from my father when he sees it. This time, I made sure the delivery address and timing were perfect so that nothing could possibly go wrong.

And the day came… I was on my way to office. Though was tensed about the office audit, father’s day kept me lively and high on spirits. I made a routine call to my father and managed to talk normally hiding my curiosity. He wished me luck for my office special meeting and I hung up the call. It was around lunch time and I was deeply engrossed in the office submissions when my phone rang. It was him!! Unable to believe what he just saw he had no words. Nor did I. I could only say “Happy father’s day Nanna!!” and he couldn’t speak even then.

It was a day made for me… Distance doesn’t matter. Little do we know that pretty little things in our lives can bring about loads of happiness!!  Flowers, you made my FATHER’S DAY and so did you Book A Flower. I had the least of hints that sending flowers clubbed with personalized gift all the way from Delhi to Vizag was this simple and easy. You made my hero happy; you are my new hero, Book A Flower!!


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