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#DHAMAKADIWALI: Décor ideas to throw a great Diwali Party

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Diwali – it’s the festival of lights and prosperity, that brings a lot of fun, friendship and debauchery along. From teen patti afternoons to Bollywood dance evenings, Diwali parties are the perfect occasions to make special memories with your loved ones.

Sparkling diyas, dazzling kandils and colourful rangolis, while our traditional decorations set the tone for an evening of revelry, for those who’re looking to do something more magical, we’ve got just the thing you need to get your creative juices flowing. Here’s our round-up of the most innovative and creative décor ideas that are sure to leave your guests inspired and awed at your Diwali Party.
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Forget about the red carpet, and go for something more stunning like a gorgeous flower rangoli carpet to welcome your guests. For those who don’t have the luxury of long corridors to make an impressive welcome, try using the stair case creatively to lead the trail towards the party.

Send Flowers Online

Do more with the colorful bangles and arm cuffs at home by using them as napkin rings. Add a touch of festive flair by completing the look with a delicate flower.

Send Diwali Flowers and Sweets online

Re-invent the classic cupcake with something more imaginative and ethnic like Indian motifs on cupcakes this Diwali.

Floral Diwali Greetings

Give your home a romantic sky with these easy yet effective floral danglers. Roses, Marigolds, Orchids, let your thoughts free and set up a party, right from the top of your ceiling to the dance floor under.

Cracker Combos

Add a colorful accent to your coffee tables and side shelves with this gorgeous tray of flowers and candles. Opt for dry flowers or fresh bouquets and deconstruct them as per your theme.

Cracker Combos

For those of us who love a little quirk, here’s an idea that’s sure to delight. Re-create this look around your salad counter or while serving finger food to your guests as they arrive. It’s a great incentive to get everyone excited about the food.

Book A Flower Wishes you Happy Diwali

What’s Diwali without a little gold. Go bold and magnificent with regal vases and rich flowers as you set the atmosphere for a magical evening.


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