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festival of flowers

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Onam – the festival of flowers

Onam is a festival that is celebrated by everyone in Kerala and represents the summer harvest. People of Kerala consider this as a cultural festival than a Hindu festival.  Among all the activities Pookkalam or the flower arrangement in front of the houses marks the starting of Onam.

festival of flowers

This will give you an idea of how much importance is there for flowers in Onam celebrations. Every day of 10-day celebration children arrange flowers in front of their houses to welcome their beloved king. Enough about the festival let us look into some of the gifts that can be given to your loved ones.

People mainly use flowers from local flora to decorate the front yard of their houses. You can get a bunch of colorful seasonal flowers as a gift.

bunch of colorful seasonal flowers

If you are planning to get a bouquet delivered to your girlfriend’s or wife’s doorstep you can order a vase full of bright red roses. This option is really helpful if you are not staying in Kerala.

Onam gifts

But if you want to send Onam gifts to your boyfriends or husband who is staying in Kerala, order a basket of different wines so that he can enjoy with his friends.

As mentioned above, Onam is the celebration of the summer harvest. So just like the flowers, you can gift a basket full of fruits to wishing prosperity in the coming days of the year.

gift a basket full of fruits

In the last three days of the celebration, people use only white colored flowers (Leuca Indica) to decorate. So a basket of white and pink carnations can be one of the best Onam gifts you can give to your family members.

pink carnations

Giving flowers and homemade sweets to your friends, neighbors, and family members is a tradition of Onam celebrations. This is celebrated worldwide by Keralites.

gift for teacher's

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For teachers – the “best minds” in your life

Just like our parents, teachers play a crucial role in our upbringing. It is justifiable to have a special day dedicated to the “best minds” in our life. Each country has different dates for celebrating teacher’s day because each country honors their scholars who have contributed to the country.

gift for teacher's

However, the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th. In India, the teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5 which is the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He requested to celebrate his birthday as teacher’s day and he was a great teacher to his students.

Teachers usually ask us to make promises to ourselves so that we can be better persons. They will definitely make us do it until we do. So this year you can gift a bunch of Asiatic Lilies to your teacher as a promise to him or her.

bunch of Asiatic Lilies

If you do not know let me tell you that lilies represent purity and promises. This can be one of the best teacher’s day gifts. If you are planning to celebrate the day with your teacher you can order a cake along with a tall arrangement of roses before visiting his/her house. Try to arrange a small cake cutting ceremony with your classmates if you can.

tall arrangement of roses

Even though we respect our teachers not all teachers get a special space in our heart. For that special friendly teacher, you can order a bunch of carnations.

bunch of carnations

Carnations are the flowers that are used to express devotion and friendship to someone. The last one on this list of teacher’s day gifts is a combo of pineapple cake and a bunch of red roses.

ineapple cake and a bunch of red roses

Red roses are for best wishes and the cake is for celebration. Let me remind you one last thing – do not forget to wish your teacher.

gift flowers online

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Why do you gift flowers?

We all love flowers and it is a great feeling to receive flowers from your loved ones. You would have received a bouquet of flowers for many occasions. It can be on your birthday or on your wedding day. The tradition of gifting flowers had been there in the human history for hundreds of years. Ancient Romans and Greeks considered flowers “heavenly” because they related them to Gods.

gift flowers online

In our modern era, the most important flowers we use are roses, carnations, orchids, etc. I would prefer a bunch of red roses when I visit my family members since it will give them a vivid vision on how much I love and appreciate them.

bunch of red roses

Now, let us think about the question – Why do you gift flowers? Even with other gifts, we prefer to give a flower because flowers remind of the freshness and warmth of our love to our loved ones.

That is why lovers exchange flowers on Valentine’s Day. There are many online websites on which you can order combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys for your lover.

combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys

There is no other gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers to express how you feel.

This tradition is not applicable for only Valentine’s day but also for occasions like friendship day, mother’s day, and father’s day. You can get a glass vase full of pink lilies to your loving mother on mother’s day.

glass vase full of pink lilies

The point here is that flowers are the easiest and most effective way to tell somebody about your emotions and feelings. Let me tell you that each flower has its own different meaning. For example, red roses represent pure love. We will talk about them later in our post. Next time when you are confused about how to express your feelings, select the suitable flower and gift it.

Labour Day gifts

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Did you forget to gift on May Day?

We all know that May 1st is celebrated as Labor’s day and it is a holiday in many countries. May Day was declared as International worker’s day after the Hay market affair. Before that May Day was celebrated for a different reason. We will talk about that later.

Labour Day gifts

But there are some countries where they celebrate the labor’s day on 4th September. So if you forgot to wish or gift your loved ones you can do that on September 4th. Let us look into some of the Labour Day gifts.

1. A symphony of lilies:

A symphony of lilies

Flowers represent warmth and freshness. Everyone who works will need freshness and warmth in their life because they may be struggling to meet the ends. Even if they are not struggling financially labor makes people tired. A bunch of six oriental lilies will be the perfect gift for him/her.

2. A precious gift for the special person:

A precious gift for the special person

Whoever works should be treated with love and we all try to keep our family members happy. Roses and carnations are the common choices when it comes to flowers. So why don’t you gift a bunch of crane flowers and Anthuriums as the gift? The crane flowers are also known as “Bird of Paradise”.

3. A bright mixture of flowers:

A bright mixture of flowers

We should always wish for the bright future of our loved ones. This labor’s day, let us wish it using a bunch of carnations. The bouquet here has different colors of flowers and is wrapped using mix color ribbon.

4. Wishing luck:

Wishing luck

The last gift on the list of Labour Day gifts is a beautiful bouquet of roses in different colors – red, yellow, and white. Your working friend will be very happy when you wish him or her all the luck on this Labour’s Day.

Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

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Unique Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones

Lord Ganesh is also known as Vinayaka (obstacle remover) and all the other pujas start with a Ganesh puja. Ganesh Chaturthi usually falls in the month of August or September. This festival is celebrated for 10 days sacredly by chanting prayers and performing rituals.

Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

The idols are placed in public places and houses for these ten days and after that idols will be carried to the nearby water body as a procession. The festival ends by the immersion of idols in the water. Here we are going to help you in selecting Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones.

1. Sweet with flowers:

Sweet with flowers

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of sweets and food items because it is known that Lord Ganesh is fond of delicious food. “Modak” is his favorite sweet and you can get this from any of the sweet shops in festival season. However, you can even gift a box of Gulab Jamun with a bunch of pink roses on this auspicious occasion.

2. Red roses and Rasgullas:

Red roses and Rasgullas

A box of Rasgullas with a bouquet of red roses can be considered as one of the best gifts for Ganesh Chaturthi. A mixture of sweetness and freshness will speak a lot more than words.

3. Sweetest of all:


Sweetest of all


You can consider a bouquet of roses in different colors and a box of Kaju Katli sweet as a good gift to your loved ones on this occasion.

4. The orange ladoo and pink roses:


The orange ladoo and pink roses


I was attracted to this combo because of the orange colored ladoo and the pink roses. If you are not interested in roses you can replace them with carnations or lilies.

I have mentioned the gifts that have sweets as the combination with the flowers. That does not mean that you cannot gift cakes or chocolates with the flowers. The choice depends on the person who is receiving the gift from you.

flowers and cake

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How to win your girlfriend’s heart with flowers and cake?

Girls and flowers are often considered as similar in nature. To win over a girl’s heart you should either gift her flowers or something sweet.

flowers and cake

Not all girls need expensive gifts like diamond necklaces or gold rings. They just wish for the loving gesture from their boyfriend. Here, let us look into the best 4 gifts that can be ordered for your girlfriend.

The expression of pure love:


The expression of pure love


We all know that the flowers and their colors represent different expressions and meanings. White is the color of purity and the love between a boyfriend and girlfriend should be always pure. You can gift a bunch of white orchids with a Cadbury celebrations box to declare your love for her.

Sweets for the sweetest girl:


Sweets for the sweetest girl


For a boyfriend (or husband) his girlfriend (or wife) is the sweetest person in the whole world. Since women are always attracted to sweets, a box of sweets with a bunch of red roses will be the best gift for her.

A complete gift combo:

Just like sweets, women like cakes and even soft toys. Order a teddy bear and a butter scotch cake with a bouquet of red carnations to express your feelings towards her. You can get it delivered at her doorsteps without going outside. This will be a real surprise for her.

Warm and sweetest greetings:

If your girlfriend or wife loves cakes and chocolates this is the best combo. Well, I am talking about a gift combo that has a chocolate cake, 2 Packs of Cadbury celebrations, and a bunch of 10 yellow roses. This is one of the perfect gifts to win your girl’s heart all over again. You can explore for more options online and select the best from the plethora of gifts available.

send flowers to Delhi

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How to send gifts to your loved ones in Delhi

The capital city of India has the highest population compared to the other metro cities in India. You can find many gift shops and flower shops in Delhi however, finding a shop and buying a gift can be hectic.

send flowers to Delhi

So you can rely on online ordering websites who will do the job for you. Even if you are not living in the city you can make use of this option. Let the occasion be anything you can get flowers and gifts sent to your loved ones from anywhere.

If it is your friend’s birthday (who is staying in Delhi) and you want to send flowers to Delhi, you can do this through online websites.

online flower delivery in delhi

A bunch of orchids and a Blackforest cake will be the best choice as a gift to your friend. When your friend starts to think that you forgot his/her birthday the gift will be arriving as a pleasant surprise. Like that, for Bhai Dhooj or Raksha Bandhan, you can send a gift combo that contains a bunch of yellow roses and a strawberry cake.

send flowers to delhi

If you are not staying in Delhi and if your girlfriend is in Delhi you can send flowers to Delhi through the websites like For example, you may want to send a bunch of red roses with fresh pomegranates to your girlfriend and it is possible through websites like that.

bunch of red roses with fresh pomegranates

Family members may have to stay apart for many reasons. With the serenades available online you can express your deep love towards them. Serenades are gifts that are sent for more than one day.

4 Days Of Love

If you order the gift in the link your loved one will be getting flowers, cake, teddy bear, and a basket of fruit each day (for 4 days) with flowers.